Luxair Arrivals to Luxembourg Findel Airport (Sandweiler, LUX) - Today

The list contains only Luxair flights to LUX airport.

23.09.2023, Saturday

Arrive Flight From Airline Status
09:45 LG4592 London-City Luxair Arrived
09:55 LG278 Ajaccio Luxair Arrived
10:15 LG9472 Berlin-Brandenburg Luxair Arrived
10:25 LG6992 Milan-Malpensa Luxair Arrived
10:25 LG8132 Toulon-Hyeres Luxair Arrived
10:25 LG8254 Nice Luxair Arrived
10:35 LG8012 Paris - CDG Luxair Arrived
10:45 LG672 Menorca Luxair Arrived
10:50 LG602 Palma de Mallorca Luxair Arrived
10:50 LG3598 Barcelona Luxair Arrived
11:25 LG8852 Vienna Luxair Arrived
11:55 LG6554 Rome-Fiumicino Luxair Arrived
12:05 LG986 Malta Luxair Arrived
12:15 LG682 Jerez de la Frontera Luxair Arrived
12:20 LG8174 Bordeaux Luxair Cancelled
12:25 LG204 Djerba Luxair Arrived
12:35 LG788 Faro Luxair Arrived
13:45 LG4594 London-City Luxair Arrived
13:45 LG9512 Hamburg Luxair Arrived
13:50 LG8014 Paris - CDG Luxair Arrived
14:15 LG9734 Munich Luxair Arrived
14:25 LG836 Antalya Luxair Arrived
14:40 LG4884 Dublin Luxair Arrived
15:05 LG8212 Montpellier Luxair Arrived
15:25 LG264 Bastia Luxair Arrived
16:00 LG9612 Sylt Luxair Scheduled
16:05 LG622 Palma de Mallorca Luxair Scheduled
16:35 LG464 Tivat Luxair Scheduled
17:15 LG3800 Porto Luxair Scheduled
17:35 LG9634 Heringsdorf Luxair Scheduled
18:20 LG652 Ibiza Luxair Scheduled
18:30 LG6542 Venice Luxair Scheduled
19:15 LG3788 Porto Luxair Scheduled
19:25 LG432 Biarritz Luxair Scheduled
20:10 LG802 Calvi Luxair Scheduled
20:35 LG554 Zadar Luxair Scheduled
21:30 LG486 Podgorica Luxair Scheduled
21:45 LG8022 Paris - CDG Luxair Scheduled
22:05 LG268 Bastia Luxair Scheduled
22:30 LG416 Dubrovnik Luxair Scheduled
22:40 LG874 Corfu Luxair Scheduled
22:50 LG732 Fuerteventura Luxair Scheduled
22:55 LG662 Malaga Luxair Scheduled
22:55 LG714 Tenerife South-Reina Luxair Scheduled
22:55 LG922 Hurghada Luxair Scheduled
22:55 LG8904 Bucarest Luxair Scheduled