Luxembourg Findel Airport (Sandweiler, LUX)

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Paris - CDG 13:50 LG8014 Arrived
Frankfurt 13:55 LH394 Arrived
Amsterdam 14:00 KL1741 Arrived
Munich 14:15 LG9734 Arrived
Antalya 14:25 LG836 Arrived
Dublin 14:40 LG4884 Arrived
Montpellier 15:05 LG8212 Arrived
Bastia 15:25 LG264 Arrived
Sylt 16:00 LG9612 Arrived
Palma de Mallorca 16:05 LG622 Scheduled
Tivat 16:35 LG464 Scheduled
Lisbon 17:05 TP694 Scheduled
Porto 17:15 LG3800 Scheduled
Heringsdorf 17:35 LG9634 Scheduled
Frankfurt 18:00 LH396 Scheduled
Faro 18:10 FR5786 Scheduled
Zurich 18:15 LX758 Scheduled
Ibiza 18:20 LG652 Scheduled
Venice 18:30 LG6542 Scheduled
Porto 19:15 LG3788 Scheduled
Venice 14:30 LG6541 Taken Off
Frankfurt 14:30 LH395 Taken Off
Amsterdam 14:30 KL1742 Boarding Closed
Biarritz 14:40 LG431 Taken Off
Podgorica 15:35 LG485 Taken Off
Calvi 15:50 LG801 Taken Off
Zadar 16:00 LG553 Taken Off
Dubrovnik 16:40 LG415 Boarding
Malaga 16:40 LG661 Boarding
Corfu 17:00 LG873 Scheduled
Bucarest 17:15 LG8903 Scheduled
Lisbon 17:50 TP693 Scheduled
Bastia 18:10 LG267 Scheduled
Paris - CDG 18:25 LG8021 Scheduled
Faro 18:45 FR5787 Scheduled
Frankfurt 18:45 LH397 Scheduled
Zurich 18:55 LX759 Check-in

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LUX Airport - Flight Radar
Airport of Findel International

About Airport

Luxembourg International Airport (IATA: LUX, ICAO: ELLX) is the biggest airport of Luxembourg and located in Sandweiler. The airport serves the capital of Luxembourg. It's a hub for Luxair, Cargolux, China Airlines Cargo and Qatar Airways Cargo.

Information about Luxembourg Airport (LUX)



Runway: 4002 m.

Operator: Société de l’Aéroport de Luxembourg S.A.

Address: rue de Trèves, B.P. 635 L-2016 Luxembourg.

Phone: (+352) 2464 0 for all information about flights and the airport
(+352) 2464 1 for the company’s administrative switchboard

Opening Hours: 24 hours / 7 days.